How To Set Realistic Life Goals And Achieve Them Successfully

how to set goals and achieve them pdf

Life goals are as crucial as life itself. They are yardsticks that measure your failure or success in life. Life goals are anything and everything you would like to accomplish in your life. They are the various things you hope to achieve, and it varies from one individual to another. Example of these goals could be, starting a business, getting a great job, getting married, having children, acquiring properties before a certain age, travelling around the world, getting a degree and so on.

The success or failure of these goals depends largely on how you set the goals and the type of goals you seek to accomplish. Consequently there is a need to be specific, positive and progressive in setting your goals. Your life goals should be the sort that will seek to improve your life and ensure your steady advancement in life.

Importantly, setting life goals prevents you from swaying to the wrong direction and making terrible mistakes that can leave a dent in life forever. It keeps you on track and helps you make intelligent plans that are executable. Therefore, not setting life goals can lead to failure in life

Setting goals is one thing and ensuring the attainment of these goal(s) is another thing. Goal setting is a compelling tool for viewing your ultimate future; it effectively encourages you to turn your dreams into reality. It also serves as a key determinant of what becomes of your life.

There are various ways to set life goals and achieve them. In this article we will be looking at some essential tips that can effectively aid the setting and attainment of life goals

How to Set Life Goals

  1. Think

Find a secluded spot, relax and put on your thinking cap and think hard! Think about the things you will like to achieve in life, ask yourself what, when, where and why you need to achieve these goals. Think hard on what you want for yourself, those things that will bring total fulfillment to your life. In other words think of what you want out of life not what someone else wants for you. Be realistic and sincere as you think through your goals.

  1. Pen Down your Thoughts

Get a writing pad and a pen, make a list of all the things you desire to achieve in life say in two, three, four years time or more, depending on your target.  Now writing down these goals gives the goals physical substance and makes them more concrete. Believe me, it is worth writing down. You could write it down in a diary, but not just a sheet of paper. Penning down your thought makes a whole lot of difference.

  1. Specify

After writing down these goals, specifically rewrite them by specifying exactly what you want to achieve with the set goals and why you need to achieve this goals. This gives you direction on how to actualize your goals. Also it ensures that the specified goals are realistic and within reach.

  1. Arrange the Goals

It is essential to arrange your goals according to the ones you intend to achieve first, followed by the next one and so on. Prioritize them, by placing the one that needs immediate attention, the one you care about the most, and the one that is easiest to attain. Now re-write the goals in your list by placing your most significant goals are at the top of your list that does not make the others less important, they are all important. Also check your level of commitment to each goal, your level of commitment determines how fast you will want that goal to be achieved. If for instance, you want to get a doctorate degree in mathematics, get married and then learn carpentry, if you try to do all of these things at once, it would certainly seem irrational but settling first for the ones that are most important, easiest and fastest to achieve can help you plan better for the  rest in the list. Please note that a complex, long or short term goal that you are really not dedicated to, should not make this list.

How to Achieve your Set Goals

After making a list of your goals, take crucial steps toward the attainment of the goals by mapping out concrete and realistic plans that would aid the successful execution of these goals. Take, for instance, if your first goal is to bag a doctorate degree and you do not have a masters degree to start with, then your mapped out plan should factor in how to get a master degree, which will enable you to accomplish your life dream of bagging a doctorate degree.

Take a giant and bold step, towards the implementation of the, mapped out plans. Now this stage could be difficult because there could be obstacles along the way. This stage entails a lot of boldness and determination.  Be determined. If you fail to dust up yourself as starting again, Don’t ever give up.

Be Disciplined, a disciplined person can practically attain any goal he/she set out to achieve.  Being able to discipline yourself, entails constant practice until it is mastered. It is an inclination, and attitude you must adapt, to be successful in life. This is a quality every successful person must possess and likewise, your inability to be in control of your attitude can make you unsuccessful in life.

Avoid procrastination, it kills dreams and keeps you at the level of a dreamer that never actualizes his dreams. The art of procrastination would never help you progress. So avoid it like a plague, as much as possible. If you get to a crossroad, and you feel confused and you want to postpone a particular goal, try not to postpone its actualization, rather, push forward until it is actualized.

In conclusion, I will like you to note that not every goal that would appear in your list would be successfully attained but through determination and courage, you can accomplish at least 80 percent of your listed goals.

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