How To Improve Employees Motivation At Work And Productivity In The Workplace

how to improve motivation in workplace

How To Improve Employees Motivation, Satisfaction, Performance… Guide To Increasing Productivity In The Workplace.

In our workplaces, the level of our motivation has a direct impact on our productivity. Workers who are motivated and excited about their jobs have higher tendency of carrying out their responsibilities to the best of their ability and it equally skyrockets how productive they will be.

There is no doubt that one of the challenges we face at our work places is usually the issue of motivation. The fact that we have to consistently maintain a high level of motivation can be quite challenging. But then, it is said that for all challenges, there should be a breakthrough. Below are tips to help us increase our motivation at work and productivity in our workplaces.

  1. Employers should learn to recognise an employee’s great work.

No matter how hard we work or how great the results are, if they aren’t recognised and applauded, it will definitely bring down our level of motivation. But then, it’s not just to recognise a great work, how you recognise it also has a significant impact. A little “You did a great job, keep it up”, could be all an employee needs to boost his or her motivation to do more.

  1. Quit grumbling a lot and stay positive.

Nobody likes to deal with an employer that grumbles a lot and focuses more on what they didn’t do right. Always pointing out negative things done by an employee will only succeed at bringing down his or her level of motivation. Happiness and positivity play a huge role in a work place that you’d ever imagine. According to psychologists Shawn Achor, “A simple shift in bias toward positivity and happiness can have an immediate impact on your work experience, and relationships which are the major factors in success, motivation, engagement and productivity”.

  1. Constantly get the belly fuelled.

Just like a hungry man is an angry man, a hungry man is equally an unmotivated man. It’s very difficult to stay focused and motivated when you work with an empty stomach. Even a car needs a fuel to keep it working. Everyone needs to stay fed so as to stay focused. But then, most times, employees get so engrossed with their work so they tend to forget or forego breakfast and even launch. It’s definitely not great for their health and their productivity. It will be best to ensure that everyone gets to eat very well. In other to ensure that this happens, it is advisable to stock the office with healthy snacks.

 Don’t take breaks for granted.

There is no way someone will stay focused and motivated if he or she is stressed out. Economists call this “the law of diminishing returns”.  Working non-stop is a huge set back in maintaining a workplace oozing with motivation. That’s why it’s so important to take regular breaks. Step back and take a moment to refresh and recalibrate as it’s very helpful in skyrocketing your motivation at work and also important to your health. Stretching yourself beyond your productivity zone might make you feel unfocused and unmotivated.

  1. Improve communication and transparency.

There is no doubt that the two key holders of a productive relationship are communication and transparency. Being transparent can help build trust between an employer and an employee. Again, setting aside time each day to talk with the employees can help them feel more involved than relying strictly on email.

  1. Correct privately.

There are some employees that are not motivated by negative feedback especially if they feel it’s embarrassing. The only acceptable place to discuss an employer’s fault is at the office with the door closed. Most times, when you criticise employees in public, what they will remember mostly is how you made them feel. Public humiliation is a flawed motivation strategy and it usually backfires. As much as possible, give your employees their stars in public and their stripes in private.

  1. Believe in your employees.

Constantly calling an employee worthless or screwed up will arouse a lot of emotions in them but then, there is no way they will feel particularly motivated to improve their performance. Telling an employee, “I know you can do better. You are smart and capable and that’s why I expect more from you”, will go a long way to increase the employee’s motivation and productivity in the work place.

Maintaining a work place that is filled with motivation is very much important so as to meet the company’s goals. Without a motivated workplace, companies could be placed in a very risky position. Ensuring that employees are motivated can lead to increased productivity and allow an organisation to achieve higher levels of output.

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