How To Build Self Worth, Confidence & Self Esteem In Adults And Young Children

how to build self confidence

Like we are always been told, we need self worth, self confidence and self esteem to lead a life worth referencing. But what you might not know is how much the presence or the lack of these things can affect your existence. If you are dealing with the lack of these personality attributes, be rest assured that you are not alone, millions of people are facing the same issues worldwide. The next best thing is to find solution to this problem that might mar your existence if not attended to. This article will be analyzing what self worth/confidence really is and give practical ways you can follow to overcome it. I should point out here that self worth is not an issue peculiar to the young ones, it is also rampant among the elders making manifestation on every aspect of their life.

What Is Self Confidence

A quick search through dictionaries would tell you several definition of this term, but none could encapsulate its essential meaning. Self confidence is the ability to trust one’s own judgment of a situation. To be assured of one’s personal abilities and actions. You can be self confident about your life, work, relationship, property, Talent and a whole lot of things. Self confidence is certain you are about your abilities, the way you see yourselfand the image your personality translates in your mind eye. Self confidence is a very important tool to how far you can reach in life while psychology has pointed to the issue of harsh upbringing as the root cause of low self esteem or lack of self confidence in young persons, incessant failure and lack of capability to take up responsibility can breed lack of self confidence in grown-ups.Self confidence fuels your sense of self-worth and raises your self esteem. Once you believe in your capabilities, you tend to perceive a good image of yourself which bring about a feeling of royalty, acceptance within yourself. Therefore, the three terms are related and dependent. Self confidence however, is the mother of the other two.

How to Identify People without Self Confidence

No one would want their insecurities known to the world, the way humans hide their weakness is understandable as it gives them a sense of security against any form of exploitation. Yet, challenges like lack of self confidence, self worth and self esteem cannot be well hidden because of its direct manifestation in our physical lives.They appear among young people as well as old ones.

  1. Words: the vocabulary of people dealing with low self esteem differentiates them from others. These people are full of negative words about themselves. They always bend toward the negative side of things and will always see reasons why things won’t work out for them. They are often pessimistic and full of words like ‘I can’t’. They are the kind of people that declare themselves unfit even before they embark on any project and whenever things don’t go well, they are always quick to give up. People with this kind of trait are troubling with personality issues which could be due to low self esteem or lack of self confidence.
  2. Lack of Ambition: People lacking self confidence find it difficult to set lifelong goals. They do not have any expectation and will remain grounded by their lack of confidence from embarking on any project. This might be due to their personal opinion that they are not going to excel anyway. They are always relegated to the very rear place in life.
  3. No Self Regard: They do not have any self regard. They are always on the lookout for what people think about their actions and reactions. They always attempt to please everyone in their life. They do not have the ability to make personal judgment nor will they be able to make decisions on their own. They always believe in what other people think more than they believe in themselves.
  4. Self Care: People dealing with low self esteem do not bother about their outlook. They are the set of people who never cares about what they put on. People battling low self esteem are also found with no sense of composure. They are easily embarrassed and easily broken. It has also been discovered that people with low self esteem often has bad posture.
  5. Self consciousness: They are too conscious of themselves when in social circles. You’d see them pressing phones or clutching things when others are chatting freely. Lacking confidence in themselves, they are paranoid about social acceptance.
  6. Comparison: If someone compares themselves with others on life achievement and personal living, it’s a clear sign they are dealing with low self esteem. People lacking self worth always gauge their lives upon others.

If you have been noticing one or more of these signs in yours or someone else’s personality, then lack of self confidence is at work. Now, you must be at the verge of asking yourself this question ‘how can I be confident in myself’ but that question cannot be well answered if you do not discover the true source of your problem. While many psychologist believes that the issue of self confidence stems from ones upbringing and whether or not someone face abuse in their childhood, it has also been deduced that old people also develop this sense of insecurity over time.

How to Build Self Confidence in Young Children

Young children are the easiest to blend because this is the formative years of their life and they tend to take in anything we push their way.  It’s easy to build self confidence in young children than in grownups as they adapt to corrections more. Here are some tips for raising children with high self esteem.

  • Be a good model: Children copy the elders around them, so if you want to build self confidence in your child, you must show some sense of self confidence yourself
  • Let them Think: Enable your children to think for themselves. Do not always make decision for them as they will come to depend too much on you.
  • Compliment them: Do not hesitate to compliment your children whenever they do something worth complimenting as this will raise their self esteem.
  • Correct with love: Do not use harsh words when correcting your kids; this will affect their self image.

No one wants a child that lacks self confidence but most of the times, bad parenting is the root cause of low self esteem and lack of self confidence in young ones.

How To Build Self Esteem In Adults

Overcoming self esteem in adulthood can be challenging. Its even more harder if it’s as a result of poor upbringing than the one acquired through inability to meet up to expectations. Self confidence can be revived in adult however, with a determination to succeed and a clear idea of how to achieve it. Here are some tips in helping you to gain back your self confidence as an adult

  • Develop yourself:It is possible that you are lacking self confidence in your workplace, and no employer keep an unstable personality for long as they end up becoming a liability. Here is your answer to build self confidence at work and in other areas of life.The reasons why an adult might have issues with self confidence are many but lack of progress is a big factor. As a person struggling with self confidence, you should try to develop your skills and study more if necessary. With adequate skills and knowledge, you will have the required confidence to live a normal life.
  • Trust yourself: You need to develop the habit of trusting yourself and your life decisions. Waiting for others opinion is a clear indication that you do not trust your own opinion. But the moment you start making your own decision and ready to take responsibility for them, you are one step ahead at building a great personality.
  • Source of income: Find a sustainable source of income that will enable you to meet up with your financial responsibilities. Take up more job if need be. Lack of money often leads to a drop in self esteem. You should also manage your spending, cut out the habit of extravagance to enable you live a good financial life. This will improve your self confidence in a lot of way,
  • Accept criticism: sometimes, some criticisms are meant for our growth. Accepting these critics will in a lot of ways improve us better. Do not make it personal and see to their allegations for possible corrections.

Self confidence is one of the  key to a successful life. It’s a common attribute of the successful people, if you must go high in life, you must find a way to build this personality.

The importance of self confidence

Self confidence is an important personality factor to make it in life. It determines our personal and interpersonal relationships. It’s the foundation upon which other personality attributes are built. Before you have a sense of self worth and self esteem, your self confidence must be in place. We hope you are able to find the self confidence tips provided here helpful. Kindly give us feedback for more help in your journey to achieve a personality full of self confidence, self esteem and self worth.

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